MEGA Sports Camp 2017

June 19-23, 6-8:30pm

A Great Summer Experience

For 2.5 hours Monday - Friday children will have the opportunity to play a sport, enjoy live music, make new friends, interact with caring coaches, and all the while be learning about the love of God in a fun and interactive way.

Sports and Activities

This year for kids entering 1st through 6th in the fall of 2017 we will be offering: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Dodge Ball, Cheerleading, Drama Class, and Art Class. For children ages 3-5 (and potty-trained) we will be offering a separate program geared to their skill level. Kids will also enjoy upbeat rallies filled with energetic music, fun sports stories, ultra cool object lessons, and Bible stories that will help them discover character traits that can help them excel in sports and in life.

Epic Moments

Every athlete experiences epic moments they will never forget--the first time they scored, their biggest victory or defeat, a time their team really counted on them for the win. At Mega Sports Camp, athletes will find out that a relationship with Jesus can be marked with epic moments too. Our theme verse this year is: "And we know that God works for the good of those that love him and have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

Building Quality Relationships

One of the most impactful elements of Mega Sports Camp will be the relationships they build as they spend time in a small group. In teams of 5-11 campers with 2 adult / teenage coaches will have a chance to interact with kids their own age, develop skills to work together as a team, discuss Bible lessons they have heard, and understand how much they are loved by God and others.

Behind the Scenes

All our volunteers are committed to building relationships with kids. All have been approved, and trained by Northgate Church. A nursing volunteer will also be on hand every day to tend to any needs that a camper might have.

Celebration Sunday

Wrap up your child’s week of Mega Sports Camp during our 11am worship service at Northgate Church. Watch your child on stage with their teams as they sing their favorite songs and enjoy a video that captures the highlights of their weeklong experience. June 25th.

Campers Supporting Campers

All the participants at Northgate Church’s Mega Sports Camp will learn about sharing with others in need. Through our campers supporting campers emphasis each night we will give the campers here in Pittsburgh the opportunity to give to campers in rural West Virginia. New this year: we have learned about a food pantry in Clay, WV and we are excited to let our kids in Pittsburgh get involved in stocking the pantry.

What to Expect


6:00 PM Camper Check-in
6:15 PM Opening Rally Time
6:40 PM Sports Session
7:10 PM Halftime Rally & Snack
7:25 PM Huddle Time w/Coach
7:40 PM Sports Session
8:10 PM Closing Rally
8:30 PM Dismiss


6:00 PM Camper Check-in
6:15 PM Opening Rally Time
6:40 PM Pre-school Program
8:30 PM Dismiss

How to Register