What is a Flock Group?

Flock groups are Northgate’s version of small groups; they offer the opportunity to get together on a smaller scale outside of the Sunday service to socialize, study, connect, and grow. Flock groups are for all ages and backgrounds. Joining a flock group is a great way to meet people in the church and build long lasting friendships.

How do I get involved?

When do flock groups meet?

Our Fall / Winter season will go from September to December, and will most groups meet every other week until we bring all the groups together in December for a Christmas Party! Our Winter / Spring season will go from January to early May.
We have groups that meet on Sunday nights, Tuesday nights, and Wednesday nights.

Where do flock groups meet?

Most meet in homes, some meet at the church. We have groups meeting in Ross, Westview, Millvale, Franklin Park, and Cranberry.

What do the groups do?

Most groups spend approximately an hour eating / socializing and an hour discussing a particular topic related to the Bible or the Christian faith.
Each group leader coordinates with church leadership to pick the best study for that particular group.

Current Groups meeting


Leader: Jim Jorden
Host: meets in the Jr. Church room at Northgate Church
Type: this group is made up of "hilltoppers"
Time: 6:30pm

Leader: Jesse Boggs
Host: Denny and Tracey Clark (Franklin Park)
Type: this group is made up of "empty nesters" and is full.
Time: 6pm

Leader: Terrence and Robin Redmond
Host: Terrence and Robin Redmond (Millvale)
Type: this group is inter-generational.
Time: 3pm


Leader: Mike and Amber Caruso
Host: Andrew and Kelly Colburn (Cranberry)
Type: this group is made up of young adults (20s-30s)
Time: 7pm


Leaders: Adam and Mary Pfahlert
Host: Adam and Mary Pfahlert (West View)
Type: this group is intergenerational, everyone lives in Westview.
Time: 6:30pm

Leaders: Matt and Paula Helbling
Host: Location rotates between homes of group members.
Type: this group is made up of "empty nesters"
Time: 7pm


Leader: Matt Glidden
Host: meets in a downstairs classroom at Northgate Church, during Awana.
Type: this group is primarily made up of parents who have children participating in Awana. This group meets weekly.
Time: 6:30pm

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