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All of us are either going into a crisis, coming out of one, or in the midst of it right now. How do we handle those "life-changing" times? Join Robert Morgan as he gives us 10 basic strategies to navigate those troubled and stormy times in our lives. He will help us see that times of crisis can be faith building. We can be victorious and give praise to the One that has delivered us! Learn how to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. He continually stepped into crisis with words of hope, peace, joy, and love. We can do the same. Watch the seas part as you begin this new adventure.

This series is the culmination of years of dedication by one of the finest discipleship leaders in the world, Dr. Gene Getz. Thousands of men have been inspired to follow after Christ and be the man God calls them to be. And now, the best-selling book is streaming online. Drawing from Paul's maturity profile in I Timothy and Titus, Gene outlines the 20 character traits of a Godly man. In his simple straightforward style Gene lays it out: "This is what a Godly man looks like. This is what a Godly church leader, husband, businessman, pastor, or teenager should strive to become." The Measure of a Man...10 sessions that will help each man begin his journey toward Christian maturity. Each session is about 25 minutes.

The Measure of a Man Part II... 10 sessions that will help men continue their journey toward Christian maturity. Nine sessions cover subjects like ovecoming violence, being a devout man, and what it means live a temperate life. Session 10 is a compilation of all the "Life Stories" from the series and make great sermon illustrations. Each session is about 25 minutes.

Poverty is much more than simply a lack of material resources, and it takes much more than donations and handouts to solve it. When Helping Hurts shows how some alleviation efforts, failing to consider the complexities of poverty, have actually (and unintentionally) done more harm than good. But it looks ahead. It encourages us to see the dignity in everyone, to empower the materially poor, and to know that we are all uniquely needy—and that God in the gospel is reconciling all things to himself. Focusing on both North American and Majority World contexts, When Helping Hurts provides proven strategies for effective poverty alleviation, catalyzing the idea that sustainable change comes not from the outside in, but from the inside out.

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