Update from Peace and Joy Cookie Camp

As you may have read from January 12th’s post, Peace and Joy Cookie Camp was the idea of Jensen Richardson, a 13 year old at Northgate Church. The idea was to offer a baking camp for children and then sell the cookies. All the profits would go to support the Espwa Foundation, a non-profit focused on bringing hope to Haiti through Christ’s love. One of Espwa’s current projects is the Peace and Joy Family Project.

23 volunteers donated their time and created a warm, loving cooking environment

35 kids attended the camp.

100s of cookies and cakes were made.

Over $2000 was raised.

Chris Pfeiffer presented the work of Espwa in Haiti and introduced the campers to the children in Haiti supported by the Peace and Joy Family Project.

Caroline Glidden challenged the campers to be inspired by Jensen’s example as well as the example of the little boy who brought 5 loaves and 2 fish to Jesus in John 6:1-14. Regardless of age, God can use the gifts of each of us if we are willing to step forward and make the sacrifice.

Northgate Church would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Jensen and the whole Richardson family for taking a risk to help those in need. You modeled for each of us what it can look like to be obedient to the call God puts in our hearts.

Click here to see photos from Cookie Camp

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